Necklaces, Pendants & Brooches

Mark Katzeff helps infuse new life into your look with his unique pieces that stuns even the most discerning eyes. The customers' personal style is what's most important to Mark when designing custom necklaces and pendants. As a testament to this, Mark invites you to join him as he artfully sketches your ideas and desires into a unique, personalized necklace design. Visit his studio-like shop to witness firsthand how he uses exotic materials such as mammoth ivory, mother of pearl, fossilized dinosaur bone, slate and meteorite to ensure his designs stand out. Using European influences, unique and exciting textures and bold modern lines, Mark handcrafts necklace and pendants to accommodate the taste and budget of almost anyone. From those with bohemian flare to the timeless influences of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Mark's pieces can enhance any style.

(780) 421-4367