While the Lord of the Rings dragon hoarded jewels and hold, Mark Katzeff gathers only to create, then let go – no design the same. What you choose to wear on your fingers or gift to your beloved is lovingly detailed, hand-tooled, etched, and moulded to the specifications you create with Mark in your individual consultation. Gold, silver, platinum, bronze or a mix of the different elements, adding in gemstones, stretching and curving shapes and layers, Mark deals directly with you to establish a personal bond between designer and buyer, leaving you confident you've invested in the right jeweller. From graduation rings to wedding rings and every ring in between. Mark creates every design on his premises inviting you to share in the journey from idea to treasured piece, approving each step in the process.

Citrine Bezel Set

If someone tells you rings must be round or symmetrical or have centred stones, you have not had the pleasure of working with a goldsmith like Mark. His expertise in the realm of unique will wow you. …

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Oval Blue Sapphire Ring

Bezel set oval blue sapphire set between brushed angular and polished narrow organic bands. Enjoy this mix of visuals where the sapphire shines differently in the light depending on if the angles catc…

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Bezel Set Pear-Shaped Diamond

Each diamond wears its unique qualities of colour, carat, clarity with the most common shape being a round brilliant cut. For something different, try a pear-shaped diamond set to point back to the he…

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