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Best Diamond Store Selection In Edmonton

Known as one of the best diamond dealers in Edmonton, Canada, Mark Katzeff's reputation has quickly spread. Using only the choicest diamonds and purest precious metals, the purity in his pieces is unquestioned. Clients know they're receiving their money's worth in addition to gaining unique and priceless pieces. Let us help you go through a carefully curated selection of diamonds that will reflect your wants and desires at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for a pendant or maybe a brooch, or you are planning to get engaged, we are here to help you on your journey and find that one of a kind stone that then can be transformed into a masterpiece of art in its unique design.

Diamond Shopping - Carefully Selected & Applied To Custom Jewellery

Its reassuring to know when diamond shopping that every piece of jewellery crafted in Mark’s workshop uses diamonds certified through the highest standards and unique gemstones that also undergo careful scrutiny. Each and every diamond is examined by Mark's discerning eye to ensure that the purity and cut are up to his high standards. His settings feature Canadian diamonds varieties such as Canada Pride, Canada Goose, Arctic Love, and Nordic Fire. All diamonds arrive with their certificates, allowing clients the freedom to choose their diamonds before they are set into a design created by Mark and/or their own ideas made three-dimensional by Mark's intuitive hands. Mark Katzeff's handcrafted jewellery designs are created in such a way to showcase the true glory and beauty of a diamond.

Superb Diamond Sourcing Reputation

Mark's reputation as a diamond dealer rises from winning a great number of awards and accolades. His exquisite designs require the highest-quality diamonds in order to win such awards. A good diamond stands the test of time, becoming a treasure worthy of becoming a family heirloom, being passed down from generation to generation. Mark ensures that all of his pieces are worthy of this honour while still keeping his client's preferences in mind.

Mark Katzeff offers extensive education on Diamonds and how to select the right stone for your budget and needs here.

Investing in diamonds from Mark Katzeff is worthwhile. Should the need arise to appraise and sell a piece. You are likely to receive more for it due to the purity and high quality of the diamonds that Mark sources.


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About Mark's extensive experience and how he can truly help you with everything about diamonds. It's very important to know what makes a qualified goldsmith and letting an expert help you when selecting the right diamond. Let our expertise in diamond rings help you get the best possible combination that will truly enchant your loved ons, our jewellery store is ready to help!

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