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Qualified Goldsmith

There is something quaint and charming about the word “goldsmith.” In the art of jewellery making, this word describes the craftsmanship more than anything else. Mark Katzeff’s jewellery is associated with class and excellence. Each and every one of his pieces is destined to become a classic over time. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Mark Katzeff is renowned far and wide for his penchant for flawless jewellery design.

Mark himself had very humble beginnings. He is an expert today because he has undergone the rigorous training to become a goldsmith in his younger days, and believes that when it comes to designing jewellery, the designer's sight is worth far more than any modern tools. Mark still fancies himself as a traditional goldsmith whose only aim is to give his clients exactly what they want. Through this goal, he ensures that his pieces are unique to the truest sense of the term.

What additionally makes Mark's designs so unique is that he doesn’t cater to what's “in” as far as trends are concerned. He believes jewellery design should be a reflection of the wearer's personality. It should not be governed by what others are wearing. Jewellery is not merely a style statement - it's an expression of who you are.


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